The New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society (NZFSS) began as the New Zealand Limnological Society (Limsoc) founded in 1968. It adopted a new trading name in 2005 to reflect the broad interests of current and new members whose interests span freshwater science, education, conservation and management. The society aims to:

“establish effective liaison between all persons interested in any aspect of fresh and brackish water research in New Zealand, and to encourage and promote these interests”

The society achieves this by:


The NZFSS constitution can be accessed through this link. Constitution


The Society holds its Annual General Meeting as part of the annual conference. The minutes of the previous meetings and the agenda for upcoming meetings can be found below.
2009 AGM minutes.
2010 AGM minutes
2011 AGM minutes
2012 AGM minutes
2013 AGM minutes

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