Honorary Life Members

Honorary membership of the Society can be voted at a General Meeting of the Society, for those members who have performed significant service to the Society usually over a long period, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee as set out in the Society rules.

Criteria for Honorary Membership of the Society:
As is set out in the Constitution, persons considered eligible for honorary membership are recommended to a General Meeting of the Society by the Executive Committee.  Criteria for the award would usually involve significant service to freshwater science and/or to the Society, usually over a lengthy period.  It is recommended that any nominations for honorary membership could be received by the Executive committee from members at least two months prior to any General Meeting of the Society, to provide time for the Committee to consider these and make a recommendation to the General Meeting with adequate notice as required in the Society Rules. 

The following members have been awarded honorary membership:
Dr Brian Sorrell
Dr A.M.R. Burnett
Dr V. Cassie-Cooper
Dr M.A. Chapman
Dr G.R. Fish
Dr E.A. Flint
Dr D.J. Forsyth
Dr R.M. McDowall
Dr D. Scott
Dr V.M. Stout
Dr E. White
Prof. Emeritus M.J. Winterbourn
Prof. C. Burns
Dr Maureen Lewis

Past Officers

Past presidents, secretaries and editors of the Society are listed below.

Past Presidents
1968-73 Dr V.M. Stout
1973-75 Dr M.A. Chapman
1975-76 Dr J.M.A. Brown
1976-78 Dr C.W. Burns
1978-80 Dr M.J. Winterbourn
1980-84 Dr B.T. Coffey
1984-88 Ms S.F. Davis
1988-92 Dr J.C. Ward
1992-96 Dr P. Ryan
1997-2000 Dr I.K. Boothroyd
2001-02 Dr J.S. Harding
2003-06 Mr N.A. Deans
2007-2010 Dr Kevin Collier
2011-2014 Professor David Hamilton

Past Secretary/Treasurers
1968-73 Mr A.M.R Burnet
1973-76 Dr C.W. Burns
1976-78 Ms L.H. Tierney
Ms S.F. Davis
1978-80 Dr B.T. Coffey
1980-82 Dr J.A. Robb
1982-84 Dr D. Forsyth
1984-86 Mr B. Biggs
1986-89 Dr I.W. Lineham
1990-92 Dr D. Rowe
1992-94 Dr J. Jasperse
1994-96 Dr I. Boothroyd
1996-98 Dr. K.J. Collier
1999-2000 Dr J.S. Harding
2001-2012 Dr Brian Sorrell

Past Editors
1968-70 Dr M.A. Chapman
1970-72 Dr S.F. Mitchell
1972-75 Dr M.J. Winterbourn
1975-80 Dr T.K. Crosby
1980-82 Dr M.F. Beardsell
1982-85 Dr J.A. Robb
1986-88 Dr J.C. Ward
1988-89 Dr J.D. Stark
1989-2002 Ms J. Talbot
2002-2004 Dr R. Young
2004-2006 Dr M.J. Winterbourn
2007-2009 Dr N. Philips
2010-2012 Ms H. J. Rainforth

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