This award will be given to recognise the best student paper published in the freshwater sciences in the year preceding the conference by a New Zealand student or a student studying or working in New Zealand.

This award will compliment the best oral and poster presentation awards given out annually at the NZFSS conference and highlight the importance of communicating science by publishing in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Students wishing to be considered for this award must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must be the first author on the publication. If the paper is co-authored, written confirmation from the student’s supervisor that the paper is the student’s own work may be required.
  2. The student must be a current member of the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society.
  3. The student must be currently registered as a student or have graduated within the last two years. The paper must be on research completed while they were a student as part of their MSc or PhD.

How to apply

Students can apply by submitting their paper as an email attachment (PDF preferred) to the secretary/treasurer by 30 September each year. Applications should also include a brief summary of each author's contribution to the research, following the roles set out by CRediT.

For example, Ash: Data curation, Formal Analysis, Visualization, Writing- Original draft preparation. Birch: Conceptualization, Methodology, Software, Supervision. Cedar: Writing- Reviewing and Editing, Supervision.


  1. The Awards committee nominated by the NZFSS Executive will review all publications.
  2. At the discretion of the committee, the award may not be given out every year if papers are judged to have not reached the required standard.
  3. The award will have a monetary value ($500) and will be supported by the NZFSS or a sponsor.
  4. The award will be presented at the concluding social function of the conference with other prizes and a link to the paper on the appropriate journal’s website will be posted on the NZFSS website.
  5. The paper can be published in any peer-reviewed scientific journal and is not limited to New Zealand publications.
  6. A student can only submit one paper per year.
  7. The same paper can only be submitted once.
  8. A student is eligible to receive this award more than once.


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