In addition, the Society can nominate outstanding members for the New Zealand Science and Technology Medals, awarded by the Royal Society of New Zealand each year.

NZ Freshwater Sciences Society Medal and Honorary Membership


  1. The New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society Medal is for an outstanding contribution to our understanding and management of freshwaters by a member of the Society, with criteria for consideration of nominations as set out below. 
  2. Nominations for Medals are considered by the Awards Committee (currently comprising the President, Secretary-Treasurer, a SIL Trustee and two members elected at an AGM).
  3. Honorary membership of the Society can be voted at a General Meeting of the Society, for those members who have performed significant service to the Society usually over a long period, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee as set out in the Society rules.

Criteria for the Medal
Matters for consideration by the Awards Committee (not all need apply in any particular case and not in priority order):

There would be an expectation that any members nominated and considered worthy of this elevated status would be recognised in an appropriate fashion, such as in an award ceremony at the annual conference, to which the person awarded would be invited at the Society’s cost and expected to provide a presentation.  Nominations would include relevant biographic information, a statement of the nominated person’s specific outstanding contributions to freshwater science in New Zealand and letters of support from at least two additional members of the Society at least one of whom is not employed by the same organisation.  Closing dates for nominations are 30 June of each year.  There would be no expectation that any Award need be presented in any given year. It is recommended that nominations are made without prior knowledge of the nominee.

Criteria for Honorary Membership of the Society
As is set out in the Constitution, persons considered eligible for honorary membership are recommended to a General Meeting of the Society by the Executive Committee.  Criteria for the award would usually involve significant service to freshwater science and/or to the Society, usually over a lengthy period.  It is recommended that any nominations for honorary membership could be received by the Executive committee from members at least two months prior to any General Meeting of the Society, to provide time for the Committee to consider these and make a recommendation to the General Meeting with adequate notice as required in the Society Rules. 

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