Objective: To provide financial support for visits to and/or within New Zealand by eminent overseas limnologists, whose visits will benefit New Zealand’s limnological research community as a whole.

Eligibility: Candidates should be eminent in some field of limnological research and have the ability to make a contribution to limnological research in New Zealand.

Previous awards: No person shall be ineligible for an award because of a previous award.

Applications: Applications shall be made on this form and submitted to the Secretary of the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society ( by the closing date shown below.

Nominations: Candidates must be nominated by a financial member of the NZFSS who will submit on their behalf a letter outlining the aims and objectives of the trip, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a draft itinerary, a draft budget showing other sources of finance if any, and the names of two referees.

Criteria: The candidates shall be judged on their eminence in the field of limnological research and their ability to make a contribution to New Zealand’s limnological research community. Visitors will be expected to address the annual meeting of the NZFSS and to visit several New Zealand research institutions including universities.

Reporting: The successful candidate will submit a trip report for publication in the Society’s newsletter.

Award: The award will cover the costs of travel (up to 100% for the grantee only) together with a contribution towards accommodation and living expenses up to $2000.00 or such higher sum that may be determined by the Trustees. In determining the value of the award the Committee shall take into account the fact that overseas scientists are often better able to receive financial assistance than New Zealanders.

Tenure: Such period/periods as the Committee thinks fit.

Frequency: The award may be made annually provided there are suitable candidates. The Committee may decide not to make an award in any particular year.

Closing date: NZFSS conference organisers should contact the Secretary-Treasurer as early as possible to discuss funding availability and the applications process for the Guest Lecturer Award in a given year. If funding is available, all material (including letters of support from referees) must be submitted electronically to the Secretary-Treasurer. Applications should be a single Word or pdf (preferred!) file, plus pdfs of letters of support. Please note that material received as hard copy cannot be considered.

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