Objective:  To enable outstanding young scientists to attend overseas conferences, seminars or workshops, or to visit institutions to learn techniques, develop expertise, use equipment, collections or library facilities not available in New Zealand.

Eligibility: Applicants shall be New Zealand based members of the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society. Preference will be given to candidates less than 35 years of age, or who graduated in the previous 10 year period.

Previous awards: No person shall be ineligible for an award because of a previous award.

Applications: Applications shall be made on this form and submitted to the Secretary of the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society ( by the closing date shown below.
Applicants will need to state their aims and objectives, submit a draft itinerary, supporting letters from relevant institutions, overseas contacts, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a draft budget showing other sources of financial support obtained or being sought, and name two referees.

Criteria: Applicants will be judged on the benefits that are likely to accrue to the candidate and limnological research in New Zealand as a result of the trip.

Reporting: The successful candidate will submit a trip report for publication in the Society’s newsletter. Where appropriate, the successful candidate will also describe the work done during the trip at the next annual meeting of the Society.

Award: The Travel Award is a grant-in-aid to contribute towards to the costs of travel, accommodation and living expenses of the recipient up to a total of $2000.

Tenure: Such period/periods as the Committee thinks fit.

Frequency: The award may be made annually provided there are suitable candidates. The Committee may decide not to make an award in any particular year.

Closing date: Applications must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer by 20 January 2018. All material (including letters of support from referees) must be submitted electronically (as PDF or Word documents).

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