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Here are some topics discussed in the past on the NZFSS freshwater discussion forum:


Submission on the proposed National Environmental Standard for Production Forestry 2015

Submission on the proposals to amend the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011

Feedback on the proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (2011) and the National Objectives Framework

Final feedback on the resource management discussion document 2013

Submission on the resource management reform bill 2013

NZFSS feedback for the Draft Implementation Guide for the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014

NZFSS Submission on NZFWM Accounting Report 2015

After some discussion on our forum, a submission has been written on behalf of NZFSS, by the executive committee, to give our views on mining in the conservation estate.
The submission is divided into four themes:
1. Freshwater values in the Conservation Estate;
2. Construction and roading effects;
3. Waters quality and biodiversity impacts;
4. Management and remediation.

Mining submission

At the NZFSS annual conference in 2008, the proposed National Policy Statement was a focal topic, with a workshop devoted to the topic attracting some animated discussion. Subsequent discussion papers from Society members have attracted comments from a variety of members which have been distilled into this submission to the Board of Enquiry.

National Policy Statement Submission

National Policy Statement Submission follow up letter to the Minister for the Environment Feb 2011

Response from the Minister for the Environment, Dr Nick Smith 24th March 2011

Media Release: New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society airs concerns about National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 10th May 2011

On behalf of the NZFSS, Kevin Collier has written the following submission on the Draft Water Research Strategy.

Water Research Strategy Submission

On behalf of the NZFSS, David Hamilton has written the following submission on the proposed Biodiversity NPS.

NPS Biodiversity Submission May 2011

After polling the NZFSS members about stress, Kevin Collier has written an open letter outlining the overall results of that poll.

Open letter about stress


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