First identification keys to freshwater invertebrates of Campbell Island

The first ever interactive identification keys to the freshwater
invertebrates of Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku have been published online.

The Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition (2010/11) run by 50º South
Trust is now a distant memory, but one that will ever remain in our hearts
and minds. The keys and associated information sheets are just one of the
outputs from this expedition.

It covers 36 taxa including a new oligochaete species (M. mcmurtrieae) and
new distribution records, with other possible new species pending
confirmation via DNA work.

Overall we found that Campbell Island’s streams and tarns are home to a
moderately diverse range of freshwater invertebrate species, many unique to
the island. This is not surprising, considering its isolation and harsh
environment. But the island does play host to some of the same species that
are found on mainland New Zealand—including the hydroptilid caddisfly,
Oxyethira albiceps—despite the 700 km of ocean between them.

We are grateful for the many people that contributed to making this key come
together, including funding from TFBIS (Terrestrial and Freshwater
Biodiversity Information System).

We are proud to be able to share this comprehensive resource with you.

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