Freshwater sciences blog, Waiology

Dear NZFSS Members

I would like to bring the members’ attention to NIWA’s freshwater sciences blog, Waiology.

Waiology ( has been running since June 2011 as a hydrology blog, providing a platform to bring the NZ public closer to the science and to more rapidly exchange knowledge within the hydrological community. It has now expanded in scope to freshwater sciences in general, to better serve the wider freshwater science and planning communities and the public. Material includes recent scientific advances, informative reviews and analysis of current events, and has been contributed by a range of NIWA and non-NIWA scientists and other freshwater professionals.

I would now like to invite the NZFSS members to join Waiology’s online community, and to treat it as both a resource and a forum for discussing important (or just plain interesting) science. There are several ways to subscribe to help you keep up to date. If you are interested in contributing material, please send me (the editor) a brief synopsis and proposal and we can go from there. It would be great to publish material from researchers, government scientists and planners, and consultants alike. See the “About” page for a fuller description of the topics.

Several articles will already be of interest: didymo, a map of climate change’s freshwater impacts, and the photogenic Phreatogammarus fragilis. Alpine freshwater invertebrates are coming soon.

I look forward to seeing the NZFSS community online.

Warm regards,
Daniel Collins

Daniel Collins PhD BE
Scientist (hydrology)
PO Box 8602
Christchurch 8440
(03) 343 8033

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