New urban water quality web tool from NIWA

NIWA is excited to launch a new web tool for stormwater quality assessment:

Assessing the environmental effects for subdivisions or new developments has
been made easier by NIWA scientists, with the support of Auckland
Council’s Stormwater Unit and staff and students from the University of
Auckland’s School of Environment.

Urban aquatic chemist Jennifer Gadd and her team have developed a new online
application for the public that provides information on stormwater quality.

Dr Gadd said the first step in providing the free service was to gather
information on stormwater quality from all over New Zealand and pull it
together into one database.

“Previously this information has sat in separate reports and files that
have not been accessible. It has been collected by councils, research
institutes and universities but often only reported in summary formats.

“We’ve been able to assemble this valuable information in a single
location to give people a far better idea of stormwater quality in New

The database is accessed by a web tool which enables users to select their
region of interest and access statistics and graphical information on
contaminants such as nutrients, suspended solids and metals present in the

It also enables analysis of variations by characteristics such as the
landuse of the upstream catchment or whether the stormwater is treated.

It is anticipated that the integration of this data will lead to a better
understanding of urban runoff quality and could also be used to support
resource consent applications for urban development.

The webtool can be accessed here:

For more information contact:
Jonathan Moores, ph 09 375-2043

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