PhD Scholarships (2) in Freshwater Ecology at the University of Canterbury

The Freshwater Ecology Group at the University of Canterbury is offering two
fully-funded PhD studentships in freshwater ecology. This is a chance for
high-calibre students to join successful research teams investigating
important issues and the fundamental processes which underpin them to find
solutions for freshwater management. We are looking for students who can
undertake innovative research that will both improve our understanding of
fundamental issues in freshwater ecology while also enhancing local
watershed management practices.

Scholarship 1: Solutions for in-stream nutrient management in waterway restoration
Our team is undertaking the Canterbury Waterway Rehabilitation Experiment
(CAREX) which is focussing on three main issues common in many farm
waterways: nuisance macrophytes, excessive sediments and high nutrients. The
team has just completed five years of research on riparian management and is
now focused on trialling potential in-stream rehabilitation tools. The CAREX
research programme is based primarily around ten agriculturally-impacted
waterways within the Canterbury Region in conjunction with a large number of
stakeholders. The project is funded by the Mackenzie Charitable Foundation
with the overall goal of improving the rehabilitation of
agriculturally-impacted streams in Canterbury.

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Scholarship 2: Flow-related controls on stream food webs
Flow alteration is likely to combine with nutrient enrichment, sedimentation
and other contaminants to considerably alter stream food webs, especially in
lowland Canterbury where water abstraction and low flows are common.
Focusing particularly on flow alterations, this PhD will involve
investigation of the key influences of these stressors on food webs.

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