Royal Society of New Zealand - Ecosystem services in policy workshop - statement of common ground

To Constituent Organisations, Regional Constituent Organisations, and Affiliate Organisations. Details below from the recent Ecosystem services workshop, for your information.

The Society ran a very successful workshop on “Ecosystem services in policy” on the ninth of August. Our lead speaker, A. Prof Marjan van den Belt has put together a statement of her reflections of the common ground identified at the workshop, summarising the key points of the discussion.

There was a great deal of commonality in the work put forward by our presenters at the workshop. The challenge is now to take that work forward, adopt and adapt it to New Zealand specific issues, and to deliver on the promise of this new approach.

A copy of Marjan’s statement is attached and it can also be found, along with the workshop details and presentations at:

Jez Weston

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