Scientific collaboration with China

NZFSS Members,

The governments of New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China have signed a five-year Roadmap for scientific and technological co-operation in priority areas, which includes provision of funding for its implementation.  One of these priority areas is in Water Research, and the first step in the Roadmap is to do a stocktake on existing collaborations in freshwater (including estuarine) research. NIWA is facilitating this process for MBIE, and has made a very short web-based survey on NZ-China collaboration.  To help implement the Roadmap, MBIE and NIWA are asking anyone with collaborations in freshwater research to complete the survey at Anyone who would like to follow progress with the Roadmap is also invited to go to the survey page to register their interest, regardless of whether they have current collaborations or not.  The last day to respond to this survey is 11 March 2013.

Alan Grey

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