South Asia aquatic insects workshop: can you help?

South Asia aquatic insects workshop: can you help? In October this year, Richard Storey (NIWA freshwater ecologist and NZFSS member since 2001) is invited to co-teach a 10-day workshop in Trivandrum, India, on aquatic insect identification and use in biological monitoring. The logistics and bookings for the workshop have all been made, but unfortunately funding to cover some essential expenses has failed at a very late stage. Without this funding, the workshop cannot proceed, which would be a great disappointment to all those hoping to attend. Some financial support has been raised from within the region, and the two co-instructors will pay our own way. However, after one more anticipated contribution is received we expect a shortfall of a few thousand NZ dollars. It’s likely we will need additional donations to cover this. Would you consider supporting this effort to help South Asia develop the scientific skills it needs to protect its threatened freshwater ecosystems? NZ$100 would provide a digital microscope for a student. If you’re feeling inspired, NZ$700 would provide full room and board for the 10-day workshop for a student from a poor family. For more details, please contact or see the attached document. If you are able to help, please let me know by the end of August. Thank you! Richard Storey South_Asia_aquatic_insects_workshop.docx

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