Student Membership

Student membership is highly encouraged and is offered at the reduced rate of $15 per annum. Benefits of membership for students include eligibility for conference travel grants, conference presentation awards and networking with other students. Students must be members of the Society to be eligible for all student awards detailed below.

SIL Trust Fund Travel Awards

The aims of this award is to enable outstanding young scientists to attend overseas conferences, seminars or workshops, or to visit institutions to learn techniques, develop expertise, use equipment, collections or library facilities not available in New Zealand. Full details of this award, including application form and deadlines can be found on the awards page.

SIL Trust Fund Travel Awards

V. H. Jolly Conference Travel Grants

NZFSS offers funding to assist students with travel costs to the annual Freshwater Sciences conference through the V.H. Jolly Travel Fund. Violet Hilary Jolly was a pioneering freshwater scientist and founder member of the Society who did much to encourage student participation in the Society’s early years. There is $100 per person available up to an total amount each year equivalent to half of the interest earned on NZFSS bank accounts. If there are more than applicants than funds available, those that have travelled the farthest get first priority. Funds are usually distributed after the conference. Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

  1. You have to be presenting either a talk or a poster;
  2. You must be a current NZFSS member (see Membership);

Apply for a V.H. Jolly Conference Travel Award by completing this form prior to the end of the conference.

Conference Awards

The following student awards are awarded at the Society’s annual conference each year:

In addition, a number of sponsored prizes may be presented each year such as the following awards:

Recent award recipients

Guidelines for Student Presentations

Some excellent guidelines  for students have been produced by the Australian Society for Limnology (ASL). We have adapted this judging protocol and you can see what the judges will be marking you on.

If you are preparing an oral presentations and posters for the NZFSS conference, you will also find it useful to look at the judging forms:
Student Judging Form Oral Presentations
Student Judging Form Posters