World Fish Migration Day postponed

Hi Everyone,

We are reaching out to you due to the unusual circumstances resulting from COVID-19. We truly hope this email finds you well. 

In light of the difficult situation facing us all at the moment, the World Fish Migration Day Team has decided to postpone the big official celebration from May 16th 2020 to October 24th 2020. In consideration of the uncertainty of this situation, we encourage our community to either plan digital or physical events to celebrate together on October 24th. We emphasize that safety is first and we advise the participants to follow the COVID-19 safety regulations of their national government. We hope this gives everyone time to change their events planned until October if possible or establish new fun events to celebrate this cool global initiative to connect fish, rivers and people 😊

We understand that this change may not work for everybody, as many people have been preparing events for months. Given this, we will be especially flexible with the timing of activities and celebrations. We understand that people may need to host their event before October (whether due to weather conditions, budget deadlines, COVID-19 restrictions, etc.). This is why we encourage everyone to host their event at their convenience. Please adapt or upload events on our website when possible! PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE IN YOUR NETWORK.

Nevertheless, we don’t want to forget about May 16th just yet! People can still host digital events around May 16 if they feel like. Our team would like to invite you to a special webinar series we are hosting from May 11th to May 15th, closing with a special exciting action on May 16th. We will send out announcements and invites for these webinars at the beginning of April, since we are now developing our first ideas.
Keep an eye out in early April for the program on our website or in your inbox.

You will hear from us soon with updates! 😃 Let’s keep the positivity flowing!
In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have or visit our FAQ site.

Stay safe and take care,
Sjaan and The World Fish Migration Day Team