He Manawā ā Whenua – Māori Freshwater Research Scholarship

Mō wai, mōu māori mā – Water for all

Manawā ā whenua are aquifers, bodies of water underground, unseen, many untapped! The potential for Māori students is primarily unseen, and for too many, untapped, waiting to be accessed. The NZFSS He Manawā ā Whenua scholarship is open to Māori students studying a Bachelor Honours Degree (or equivalent) or Master’s Degree with a focus on freshwater ecosystems. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage Māori students to pursue a research career and develop their capability in freshwater ecology and/or kaupapa Māori research surrounding wai.

Scholarship value: $7,500.

Applications for the scholarship close on 30 November 2020.