New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society Medal

The New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society Medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution to our understanding and management of freshwaters by a member of the Society. Nominations for the NZFSS Medal are considered by the Awards Committee and should be sent to by 15 June.

Criteria for the NZFSS Medal

Matters for consideration by the Awards Committee (not all need apply in any particular case and not in priority order):

  • National or international recognition of research or management output
  • Leadership in particular fresh or brackish water science field
  • Quantum and quality of research or management output
  • Contribution to education or public knowledge of freshwater science
  • Contribution towards sustainable management of freshwater environments
  • Contribution towards the conservation of one or more species, habitats or freshwater ecosystems

There is an expectation that any members nominated and considered worthy of this elevated status be recognised in an appropriate fashion, such as in an award ceremony at the annual conference, to which the recipient would be invited at the Society’s cost and expected to provide a presentation.

Nominations should include relevant biographic information, a CV, a statement of the nominated person’s specific outstanding contributions to freshwater science in New Zealand and letters of support from at least two additional NZFSS members, at least one of whom is not employed by the same organisation.  There is no expectation that any Award need be presented in any given year. It is recommended that nominations are made without prior knowledge of the nominee.

NZFSS Medal recipients

Kevin Collier, 2020

Kevin Collier for his outstanding contribution to freshwater science, management, and conservation.

Susie Wood, 2019

For her outstanding contribution to freshwater science and management, and her leadership of women in science.

John Quinn, 2018

For his great contribution to freshwater sciences and management.

Russell Death, 2017

For his contributions to freshwater sciences.

John Hayes, 2016

For his great contribution to understanding salmonid bioenergetics and ecohydrology and the implications for freshwater science and management.

Clive Howard-Williams, 2015

For his outstanding contributions to the understanding and management of freshwaters, particularly helping to guide government policy on freshwater and estuarine ecosystems.

Colin Townsend, 2014

For his contributions to the field of freshwater sciences and for promoting New Zealand as an important centre of freshwater science research to the rest of the world.

Carolyn Burns, 2013

For her scientific knowledge, rigour and sustained contributions to freshwater sciences over many years.

Bob Wilcock, 2012

For his services to understanding and managing freshwaters. Bob has maintained and promoted excellence in science over many years – from solution chemistry to catchment studies.

David Hamilton, 2010

For his outstanding contribution to aquatic modelling and adapting computer models as tools for managing aquatic systems.

Graham McBride, 2008

For his sustained and distinguished contributions over 30 years to pollutant transport modeling, statistical analysis and design of water quality monitoring networks, and human health issues related to waterborne pathogens.

Ian Jowett, 2007

For outstanding contribution to the field of eco-hydraulics and his work in understanding the relationships between the distribution, abundance and response of fish populations to flow regime, hydrology, and physical habitat.